October 1st, 2015 - Last weekend we had a nice and very succesfull weekend at the Nationale d'Elevage of the French Picard Club in Domerat. Both Fenne and Jinthe obtained an excellent in their own class and besides this Fenne had another excellent rating for her Character test. The results are updated on the page 'Results'.

Juke du Bois du Pêcheur was present too and he scored very well! He became second in the intermediate class with an excellent rating and also an excellent for his character test. With these results Juke is rated Recommandé in France, which is the highest possible rating for him at this moment. Of course we are, again, very proud of his accomplishments!

The litter page is updated with information about the puppies of the litter.
Family picture 27-9-2015, Domerat. With thanks to Janet v. Iperen for editing the picture.

September 10th, 2015 - It is time for several updates. First of all Jinthe earned another BOB at the International Dogshow in Oss on June 6th. This result is placed on the page 'Results'.

One week later, June 13th, the first Picard Activity Day (PAD 2015) was held in Uden. Although the day started with rain, it was a very nice day with lots of activities and meetings with other Picards and their owners. Jaff'Art, Jaro, Kwastje and Wolf and their owners were there too. Here you can find some pictures of the pups of our litter present.

Fenne was showed on the International Dogshow in Luxembourg on Augustus 29nd, where she earned a CACL point. By earning this CACL point in the Champion Class she also earned her Championship of Luxembourg! This result is posted too on the page 'Results'.

Besides the show results we can report a health result of Jinthe. Her hips were x-rayed and the photo was officialy reviewed by the Dutch Kennel Club, Raad van Beheer. As expected from the photo the results were positive, Jinthe has HD-A which means she is free of hip dysplasia. Of course we are very happy with this result!

Last but not least, good things can be report about Juke du Bois du Pêcheur. His hips were rated as HD-B (a good result) and his eye exam showed no eye diseases. Also, he passed is confirmation which is required in France (where he lives) to receive a complete pedigree. More information about Juke can be found on the webpage of his owner. The link to her webpage can be found on the page 'Links'.

May 24th, 2015 - The Dutch Championship Clubmatch of the PHCN was held on May 16th in Herkenbosch. It was a great day (despite the Dutch weather). Fenne was shown in the Champion class females, which she won with an excellent judgement and report. Jinthe was shown in the Junior Class females, in a large group. She became 2nd (excellent judgement), with a very good report too. The judge told why he placed which dog where, and he was very content with Jinthe so we are very proud!

Yesterday, Jinthe was shown on the Pinkstershow in Arnhem. Again she received an excellent judgement and with that she became best female Junior Class. She also won Best Female (BOS) and she earned her third CAC point. Because she won the female Junior Class for the third time, she is now a Dutch Junior Champion!! A very good result on only 14 months of age. She also has earned enough CAC points already to become a Dutch Champion. However, she is not old enough yet to earn the title. For that we have to wait until she is 27 months old.

The latest results are added on the 'Results' page.

April 9th, 2015 - The owner of 'our' Juke told us Juke attended the show in Luxemburg the last weekend of March. He became best in the youth class with an excellent evaluation which means he is now Youth Champion of Luxemburg. He was also selected as best male of the breed, out of 6 males among which 2 French Champions! Of course we are very proud on Juke and his owner!

At the end of February the Martinidogshow was held in Groningen and we went there to show Fenne and Jinthe. Jinthe received a very good as evaluation in the youth class. Fenne received an excellent evaluation and became best female (BOS) and again a CAC-CACIB point. Because this show was a Benelux show she also won the titel 'Benelux Winster Netherlands 2015 (BWNL'15) and she qualified herself for Crufts (England), one of the largest dog shows in the world.

Last weekend Jinthe won her second BOB and CAC point with an excellent evaluation in the youth class on the show in Goes.

February 10th, 2015 - The show results of Jinthe are updated. This past weekend she was entered in the youth class for the first time on the exposition of Eindhoven. And she did very well! Not only did she receive an excellent, she also received a CAC point for winning best of breed. Of course we are very proud that our little lady does so well in the ring and that she received such a score on only 10 months of age.

December 17th, 2014 - Fenne is a Dutch Champion! On November 2nd, 2014 she earned her last CAC points for her championship. As this is already officialy recognized by the Dutch Kennel Club we could enter her in the champion class on the Dutch Winnershow. On that show she did well too, she ended up as winner of her class and as runner up best female. Jinthe attended this show too, as her first appearence on an international show. She recieved for the fourth time a very promising. For her this was the last time she was entered in the puppy class (up until 9 months of age): time flies! All show results are updated.

On the page 'Litters' a small update on some of the pups of the J-Litter can be found.

October 16th, 2014 - Three new updates on the results section of our website. On September the 21th, a clubmatch was held in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL), where Fenne received an excellent with BOB and Jinthe became best puppy with a very nice show report and a very promissing. The weekend after that we travelled all the way to the middle of France for the annual 'Nationale d'Elevage' (NE) of the French Picard Club. Like last year Fenne did very well (excellent) in the open class, both for the charactertest as the show standard. With 27 females in the same class, she managed to be selected within the group of 16 best females. Jinthe did well too, she received a very promissing and became 2nd best female puppy (out of 4). She also passed a herding instinct test (CANT). One of Fenne's sons was subscribed for the NE too, he passed is herding instinct test too and he won both the price for the best male puppy as for the best puppy.

On October the 4th and 5th we showed Fenne on the Ijsselshow and the Hanzeshow in Zwolle (NL). On saturday she received a very good, and on sunday she won BOB with an excellent report. She also earned her 3th Dutch CAC point and CACIB point.

September 7th, 2014 - Several updates: 2 show results of Fenne are added at the 'Results' section, together with Jinthe's first experience with dog shows. Furthermore, the page about our J-Litter is updated, including pictures of the Puppyday 2014 (see 'Litters')

May 7th, 2014 - Update on the Litters page.

April 2nd, 2014 - Update on the Litters page.

March 22nd, 2014 - Puppies are born: on March 21th, 2014 Fenne give birth to 6 male and 3 female puppies

March 10th, 2014 - Puppies are coming: Fenne her belly is growing and growing, She is going to be heavy. It looks like we can feel and see the puppy's moving. See 'Litters'for more information and pictures.

February 17th, 2014 - Fenne is pregnant! Go to the 'Litters' page for more information.

February 3th, 2014 - Important news to tell about Fenne's upcoming litter: Fenne is covered! Go to the 'Litters' page for more information.

January 3th, 2014 - First of all: we want to wish you all a happy and healthy 2014! Secondly, we received a very nice picture of both Fenne's parents which we added to the information page 'Fenne'.

November 18th, 2013 - This years show season is finished for Fenne. The newest results can be viewed at the page 'Results'. In total, we visited with Fenne 9 different clubmatches and dogshows this year. 3 times she received the qualification very good, 6 times the qualification excellent and 4 times she became even Best of Breed (BOB). She is halfway now for a Dutch Championship with 2 Dutch CAC points and she only needs one more CACIB point to become International Beauty Champion. Also, she earned her first Belgium CAC point. Of course we are very proud of Fenne!

November 6th, 2013 - More show results are publicated on the 'Results' page. Fenne entered the international dog show in Bleiswijk, Holland. She won BOB with an excellent report, which resulted in her second CAC point and also her second CACIB point.

October 7th, 2013 - Fenne did a fantastic job at the French Clubmatch and the Ijsselshow in Zwolle! See page 'Results'. Besides this, new and important information about our breeding plans is available at the page 'Litters'.

September 23th, 2013 - More details are known about our future litter, for more information visit the 'Litters' page

September 15th, 2013 - Show results Clubmatch Kynologenclub 's-Hertogenbosch added

September 6th, 2013 - Good news! Our requested kennel name is approved. Puppies born at our kennel will get the affix 'du Bois du Pêcheur'

August 2013 - Show results added & page 'Litters' updated

May 2013 - Website online
Oktober 9th, 2016 - A lot of work it was, but here it is: our new website! Much is still the same, but we needed more space to place information. Joppe is no longer available for rehoming. He will stay with us. After 2,5 years we love him too much and he loves us and Fenne and Jinthe too much, to seperate him from us. Besides some information about Fenne, information about Joppe en Jinthe is added. Also, they got their own photoalbum, who can be found under 'Photos'.

Since Oktober 2015 (last update) a lot has happened. We went to several shows with Fenne (see Show results Fenne). The most special show for us has been Crufts 2016 (England). For the first time in history the Berger Picard could be showed on Crufts. This meant they stood in the ring together with Pumi's, Swedish Lapphunds and Bergamasco's to compete for placing. In England, dogs don't get an individual rating, but compete for 5 prices per class. Fenne stood in the ring with 10 other females and she earned the third price. We are very proud! HERE you can find some photos of Crufts.

Joya's hips were x-rayed with good results. She got the score HD-B. All results of the puppies born in our kennel and communicated with us, will be published on this website. Joya's results are added on the J-Litter page.

About showing, we have some good news about Jinthe and Juke (living in France). Jinthe earned her last point for becoming Dutch Champion at the show in Rotterdam! Juke also gained enough points to be a Dutch Champion. In December 2015 he earned the first three points during the Holland Cup (BOB) and the Amsterdam Winner (BOS). During the weekend of 1 and 2 Oktober 2016 he came with his owner from France to try to earn the last point. And with success. Both days he won BOB with CAC and CACIB points. On sunday, as icing on the cake, he was selected in breed group 1 and earned a 5th place in a large group! Congratulations, Juke and owner!!

Because we are very proud of the two Dutch Champions from our first litter, we let a professional photographer take a picture from them together. 

Oktober 16th, 2016 - Yesterday, we visited Joya 'yellow girl' and her owners. It is so nice to see how our 'pups' still recognize us and how happy they are when they see us. Joya is a very lovely lady and loves to jump around. HERE you could find a photo album with some pictures of Joya we took yesterday.
May 22nd, 2017 - At the International Dogshow Dortmund, on 19 May 2017, Fenne earned the last CACIB point for the title International Show Champion! She also won the titel Frühjahrssieger 2017 and became best female (out of 4 females). Again a great result, with a great last remark: sehr liebes wesen (translated: very sweet character). 

December 2016 - We visited Jaff'Art, know as puppy green in the litter, at the end of december. He too was very happy to see us, when he recognized us. Jaff'Art is grown up to be a sweet guy and his family is very happy with him.
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