Joppe du Bois du Pêcheur is born on 21 March 2014. He is the son of Fenne and the brother of Jinthe. We never had the plan to keep a male from this litter, but the circumstances caused him to stay. He broke his hind leg when he was only 4 weeks old and revalidation took a while. We can't miss him any more so he can stay with us for the rest of his life. Luckily, he gets well together with Fenne and Jinthe.

Joppe is a very affectionate dog. His most favorite activity is cuddling with us. To be sure he gets all the cuddles he deserves, he stays close to us all day. He likes to play with a ball and swimming is favorite too. If he can combine swimming with fetching a ball he is in seventh heaven and he can continue to do so for hours. Together with Jacobine he followed several dog courses.

On November 20th, Joppe was entered in a special dog show, open for all dogs (pedigree or not). In his class for male dogs with a pedigree he was awared with an excellent. We have no plans to exhibit Joppe at other dog shows.
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