Jinthe du Bois du Pêcheur is the daughter of Fenne and born as third pup of nine in total in our house on 21 March 2014. From when she was very young, we liked her behaviour. As smallest pup she didn't let herself be bogged down. Most of the time she got what she wanted (the best place on the milkbar for example, or she was the victorer  of the best toys). While growing up with her brothers and sisters, we noticed her exterior was very promising too. And last but not least, Fenne and Jinthe got along very well together. Where Fenne was, Jinthe was.

Affectionate, smart, workminded but also headstrong are the words that describe her the best. She and Fenne are still two pies in a pot and she gets well together with Joppe too.

Together with Arisca Jinthe went to several dog classes. Because she liked it so much they followed classes until the VEG course. At the moment we go with her to show training and sometimes to a dog show. Besides this, Jinthe obtained her CANT (sheep herding test) and CSAU (socalisation- and workability test) during the Nationale Elevage of the Berger Picard in France.

Walking in the forest, going for a bike ride or just playing with Fenne and Joppe are her most favorite activities. Besides that, she likes to go with us to events, like a hondenplons (dogs swimming in an outdoor swimming pool) and Animal Event. 

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