J Litter

Born on 21 March 2014

6 males, 3 females

Mother: Franne (Fenne) du Trait de Coeur, Father: Friques van de Bovendijkse Hoeve
Jinthe du Bois du Pêcheur
Juke du Bois du Pêcheur
Jacco du Bois du Pêcheur (Jaff'Art)
HD-A, eyes free of diseases HD-B, eyes free of diseases  
Joya du Bois du Pêcheur Jikke du Bois du Pêcheur (Wolf) Jules du Bois du Pêcheur (Tati)
Julia du Bois du Pêcheur (Kwastje) Jamie du Bois du Pêcheur (Jaro) Joppe du Bois du Pêcheur
*update December 17th, 2014* The pups are almost 9 months old now, so time for a short update. Joppe's recovery goes better and better, every week we see improvements. At the moment we are allowed to make some longer walks with him and he loves those walks. He is very cuddly and wants to work for his boss. Jinthe is becoming a real lady and a big hugger, although she knows what she wants too. Fenne and her together make a great team. During the past few months Wolf lived with us for a while, but since a week he lived with his new owners. We miss his presence here at home but luckily we hear good things about him from his owner. We received some photos of some of the pups and of others we took photos. For us it is nice to hear how the pups are developing and getting different characters (ranging from very sweet and cuddly to very independent ;) ).
Kwastje Jaff'Art Jaro Wolf Juke Joya
*update September 7th, 2014* Since the last update (four months ago) a lot has happened. 7 of the 9 puppies went to their new houses (see for the last portraits 'Portraits week 8' and for the photos of the last week at our home click 'week 8' under the Photos per week section). We have heared many good things about the puppies since then. 6 of the puppies we have met again: Jaro and owners visited the Dutch Clubmatch, Jaff'Art spent some time with us during the holiday of his owners and we visited Joya, Tati, Kwastje and Wolf at home (thank you to the owners for their hospitality!). This link shows some photos of Joya, Tati, Kwastje, Jaff'Art and Jaro.

Jinthe will stay with us and her mother, which she really likes! She developes as a very sweet and nice young lady, with from time to time real Picard naughtiness. Joppe still lives with us, his revalidation continues. He and Jinthe are a good team together, but we let them do and experience things separately too. Joppe too is a very sweet and nice puppy.

On the 6th of September we organised a special puppy day for the puppies of our litter and their owners. 6 of the 9 puppies were present and it was very nice to see all! Meeting all the other puppies was an adventure, but soon they all played well together. The puppies like to swim and they all wanted to try to swim in the swimmingpool. After this we went for a walk in the forest and ended up at a lake. Some of the puppies wanted to show their swimming abilities again. Upon return at the house the puppies and their owners could play some small games together and after that all puppies were tired and satisfied. Now the humans could enjoy a tasty BBQ. We were very happy to see all these puppies and their owners back. All of them are very nice and they are dogs to be proud of! Pictures of this nice day can be viewed HERE.

*update May 7th, 2014* Jikke en Jamie have found a home too. Only Joppe (mr Blue) will be available for a good home in the future, after the injury of his leg is healed.

*update May 5th, 2014* New pictures (folder week 5 and week 6) and some movies are added to the website! Because taking care of a litter of 9 puppies costs a lot of time the pictures had to wait, but now all is up to date again. All puppy's are doing fine, they are enjoying the nice weather outside in the garden regularly. There are many things to explore in the garden: grass, sounds, a ball pool, a dog tunnel and much more.

Last Friday a lady of the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer) visited us to give all the puppies a microchip. Now all puppies have an official pedigree name:
Males Females
Grey: Jikke du Bois du Pêcheur
Black: Juke du Bois du Pêcheur
Green: Jacco du Bois du Pêcheur Pink: Julia du Bois du Pêcheur
Blue: Joppe du Bois du Pêcheur Yellow: Joya du Bois du Pêcheur
Purple: Jamie du Bois du Pêcheur Red: Jinthe du Bois du Pêcheur
Orange: Jules du Bois du Pêcheur
*update May 2nd, 2014* Most of the puppies found a new home. All girls are sure about a good new home in a few weeks, only 2 of the males are still free: puppy purple named Jamie and puppy Grey named Jikke.
*update April 21st, 2014* Last Friday (18 April) the puppies were 4 weeks old already, time is flying by! The puppies are discovering and playing with each other more and more every day. Also, we started to feed them a special meat mousse for puppies a couple times a day as part of the weaning process. This Sunday the weather was so nice we decided to give the puppies there first trip out in our garden. Pictures of this first garden trip can be viewed in the album Pictures pups week 5. The puppies really enjoyed being outside and of course we enjoyed watching those happy puppies.

Besides this we have some less pleasant news to tell. Last Saturday little puppy blue broke his hind leg (tibia) while playing with another puppy. Just bad luck, but it is still a bummer. Luckily, the prognosis is that it will recover completely. However, as this is such an extraordinary thing, we decided to keep this little boy at least until he is fully recovered. We will of course give an update on this matter as soon as we know more. Because this is an important time in the socialization process of puppies we try to let him participate, under surveillance of course, in as many things as possible.

*update April 2nd, 2014* The puppies are 1,5 weeks old now. They are sleeping, eating and growing for most of the time, but some of them already started to discover the whelping box area. The eyes started to open this past Sunday and every day the puppies can see more and more. All pictures of the first week (except the portraits at one week of age) are now bundled in one album. And there are some new pictures of the puppies to view in the album 'Puppies week two'. Also, two movies of this week are added in the movies album.

*update March 22th, 2014* Fenne gave birth on March 21th to 9 puppies: 6 boys, 3 girls:
*update March 10th, 2014* Fenne proud in her new whelping box:
The box is made by the whole family: measuring, sawing, sanding, painting etc. etc.

Fenne her belly grows and grows:
We can even see and feel the puppies moving in her belly.

When walking outdoor, Fenne don't want to go too far!!

*update February 17th, 2014* This morning we went to the vet for an ultrasound. This ultrasound confirmed that Fenne is pregnant! Everything looked very good and with Fenne everything goes well too. Now we have to wait some more weeks before the pups will be born, exciting!
Gestation ultrasound Franne du Trait de Coeur, February 17th, 2014

* update February 3th, 2014* On January 20th, 2014 Fenne is covered by Friques van de Bovendijkse Hoeve. In about two weeks we will visit the veterinarian for an ultrasound and then we will know whether or not this mating was successful. If successfull, the birth of the puppies is foreseen for the second half of March. You can still contact us for more information and/or to be placed on our waiting list.

Fenne passed the required health tests and shows with good results. We have chosen Friques van de Bovendijkse Hoeve as father for Fenne's puppies, as he is a nice looking male with an excellent temperament and excellent health results. Also, we think he is a good complement on Fenne. This breeding combination meets the breeding rules of the Dutch Berger Picard Club (PHCN) and is therefore approved by the PHCN. We expect Fenne's next heat around the end of this year (2013). Puppies born out of this combination can vary in color from fauve charbonnée to dark brindle. The puppies will be raised in our living room and will be socialised with an home environment. Besides that, the puppies will be socialised with our three cats. Interested in a puppy from this combination, or looking for more information? Please contact us by email (email adress on page 'Contact').
Franne du Trait de Coeur (Fenne)

HD-A (free)
Eyes free of diseases

1st place vp puppy class (clubmatch PHCN, 2011)
3th place exc open class (clubmatch, PHCN, 2013)
excellent character + standard (NE, France, 2013)
1 exc BOB; CAC(IB) (IJsselshow, Zwolle, 2013)
1 exc BOB; CAC(IB) (Dogshow Bleiswijk, 2013)
1 exc BOB; CAC(IB) (Eurodogshow Kortrijk, 2013)
Friques van de Bovendijkse Hoeve

HD-A (free)
Eyes free of diseases

Dutch Youth Champion 2011
European Youth Champion 2011
Dutch Champion 2012

This is Jamie (purple), brindle male, Always very happy, who is always visible between the others, also taking time for himself. Because of his character we think he can be a good family dog. He was happy with children who where visiting. This is Jikke (grey), brindle male. He jumps from happiness and is always in the running for some action. Wij think he will fit in a family with some extra action, willing to do some sort of dogsport.
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