Fenne is our first Berger Picard. She is born in the Berger Picard kennel 'le Trait de Coeur' in Switzerland, on december 3th 2010. Her father is Tango de la Tour Philippe and her mother is Cayenne di Poggio al Vento. Because it was not known till the last week to which puppy the beautiful name 'Franne du Trait de Coeur' belonged, she was known by the color Rouge, named after the red collar she wore. Later she got her official name. We call her Fenne in daily life.

In Februari 2011 she became part of our family, after a nine hour drive home. She did not mind the long trip and slept most of the time, partly because of all the new impressions. After a week we started with the puppy training. She immediately showed us how smart she is. Only after three trials she understood what was expected during an excercise. However, as a real Picardy shepherd, she can think about the urgent to follow up a command. After the basic training classes she also followed a dog sport class (Doggydance and Obedience). At the moment, we go to show training with Fenne and this year we visit(ed) several clubmatches and dog shows (in the Netherlands and abroad) with Fenne.

One of Fenne's most favorite games is to search for items we name to her. If it is an item she has never heard the name of before, she listens very well and tilts her head a bit to think the task through. You can really see her thinking and once she knows it you can see the proverbial light turning on in her mind.

Besides the classes Fenne followed, she enjoys the forest walks, the bicycle rides and the cuddle sessions with our cats. During the daily walks she likes to play with other dogs, or she keeps looking for a larger and larger stick to play with. Going to the beach is a real feast for her, jumping in the water and catching the waves are her favorite hobbies.

She is now (mid 2013) at the age of 2,5 years old and she has developed into a stable, vivid and joyful shepherd. We hope she will be part of our family for a very long time.
Fenne's parents: Tango de la Tour Philippe (left) & Cayenne di Poggio al Vento (right)
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